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Our leadership can be heard saying “We are good…not just on paper.”
In other words, we take pride in our work!

Summary Service List


    ✔ Window washings (large & small buildings)

    ✔ Total office cleaning, daily, weekly and monthly

    ✔ Day porter/ matron service

    ✔ Cleaning of highly restricted areas, i.e. clean rooms, computer rooms, and labs

    ✔ Carpet, shampoo & steam clean

    ✔ Upholstery cleaning


    ✔ Power and Pressure washing

    ✔ Parking lot sweeping

    ✔ Replacing lights

    ✔ Handy Man Repairs

    ✔ Dry wall Repairs, i.e., patch, prime and paint

    ✔ Interior & Exterior Painting, i.e., painting of walls, ceilings, doors, stairwells, fixtures, interior and exterior of buildings


    ✔ Stripping & re-waxing floors

    ✔ Cement floors

    ✔ Epoxy floors

    ✔ Tile floors

    ✔ Terrazzo floors

    ✔ Ceramic and Vinyl floors

We provide a full spectrum of janitorial services utilizing our team of highly-skilled professionals to ensure top quality results at affordable prices. We are a fully licensed, insured and bonded company providing state and nationwide services to commercial and industrial facilities since 1975.

We provide a wide-range of paper supplies, chemicals and plastic liners at wholesale prices.

We service over 4 million square feet of commercial and industrial building space. With solid leadership and great janitorial teams in place, we respond to each client’s specific needs and in-turn receive high accolades and referrals for our efforts.

Our Service Teams: We employ teams of highly skilled professionals who operate with the highest degree of efficiency and are committed to Custom Janitorial Maintenance Corporation’s high standards of honesty, integrity, professional demeanor and attitude. Our teams have longevity in the company which translates into reliable, quality work for all of our clients.

We offer flexibility to meet our customers’ changing needs and moments of urgency. For example: we have a 24 hour EMERGENCY CREW always on standby to handle unexpected situations and challenges.

Our Methods and Products: Central to our service is our routine review and research of industry standards, products and developments, and our ongoing training and re-training. We are committed to remaining current on industry standards, adhering to all regulatory requirements and proper uses of chemicals that are environmentally responsible.

Free Maintenance Evaluation: We are pleased to provide you with a complimentary maintenance evaluation report. Your satisfaction is the key to our success.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at: Toll Free (888) 441-9311 or (805) 486-8626.